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Why Boudoir Photography is Meaningful

Photography has become one of the best modern ways to celebrate women’s natural beauty. Today, photography is a contemporary form of artwork that is one of the best ways to celebrate female beauty. Since female beauty is a major photography subject, it is very appropriate that there are forms of photography that highlight it.

One of the more modern innovations in photography is depicting subjects as they are, rather than how the photographer sees them. This trend has given rise to boudoir photography, which takes its name from a French word for a private bedroom for a lady. Women of all ages have made use of this photography.

Spice Up Your Romance With Boudoir Photography

Spending foreverwith your significant other doesn’t mean that your romantic life has to get dull and boring. In our modern lives, we have to deal with the trifles life brings, and occasionally, we all get caught up and let our passion for life slide a bit. For men and women, boudoir photography offers a great way to spice things up a bit without going overboard or coming across wrong. Perfect for those who want to add some passion back to their romantic relationshipsor for those about to embark on a life together, boudoir photography is an excellent way to put the spring back in your step.Boudoir Photographers SussexContinue….

Katy Hankins Story

What made you decide to have a boudoir photo shoot?
I am just recently single and just thought “Why not?”

How did you feel about yourself before the photo shoot? Were you confident?
To be honest I felt like cancelling the weekend before. I was so nervous and questioning whether I should do it.

How did you feel during the photo shoot? Were Paul’s directions clear to follow?
As soon as I arrived I was put at ease firstly with Marketa and then with Emma (the make up artist). Paul was very friendly, all his directions were clear, very patient as I kept getting my hands mixed up.

How did you feel about your photographs once you saw them?
Very pleased indeed. Made me think “Wow”. I especially thought when seeing my bottom, “I can’t believe that’s my bottom”.

What would you say to other ladies considering a boudoir photo shoot that are perhaps quite nervous about doing it?
I was very nervous before, even considered cancelling. I am so happy I did it, gave me my confidence about my body – lovely to see your body in lovely photos.

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Shelley’s boudoir session

We recently had the pleasure of Shelley from Brighton attend our studio for her boudoir makeover and photoshoot.

Here’s what Shelley had to say in her story of ‘meet the ladies’.

Please tell us how you felt before the photo shoot (in terms of self confidence, being anxious before the shoot…):
Before I was nervous, wondered if I was doing the right thing – panicked about what to wear and what people would think about my body.