Claire’s Boudoir Shoot

Please tell us how you felt before the photo shoot (in terms of self confidence, being anxious before the shoot…):

I was a little bit nervous beforehand and I had put on a bit of weight over the Christmas period so I was worried the photographs might not look very good.

How did you feel about the photographs once you saw them?I was very surprised and didn’t believe it was me!

The combination of the make-up, lighting, styling, body angles and Paul’s photographic wizardry meant that the results were truly stunning and it was such a confidence boost. I often found myself looking at the best stock photos of other people and hoping that one day, I would have my own portfolio.

How were the directions fro the photographer and how comfortable were you once the session was underway?

The session was unhurried and Paul gave me gentle direction to get the best results but I also had the space and freedom to relax and express myself. I felt very comfortable during the shoot and truly like a star!

What would you say to other ladies considering a boudoir shoot but who are rather nervous about doing it?:

EVERY woman should do this at least once in their life. We are ALL our own worst critics but to see what can be achieved puts end to all of that. I thoroughly recommend it – you won’t be disappointed and it’s a real investment.

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