Katy Hankins Story

What made you decide to have a boudoir photo shoot?
I am just recently single and just thought “Why not?”

How did you feel about yourself before the photo shoot? Were you confident?
To be honest I felt like cancelling the weekend before. I was so nervous and questioning whether I should do it.

How did you feel during the photo shoot? Were Paul’s directions clear to follow?
As soon as I arrived I was put at ease firstly with Marketa and then with Emma (the make up artist). Paul was very friendly, all his directions were clear, very patient as I kept getting my hands mixed up.

How did you feel about your photographs once you saw them?
Very pleased indeed. Made me think “Wow”. I especially thought when seeing my bottom, “I can’t believe that’s my bottom”.

What would you say to other ladies considering a boudoir photo shoot that are perhaps quite nervous about doing it?
I was very nervous before, even considered cancelling. I am so happy I did it, gave me my confidence about my body – lovely to see your body in lovely photos.

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