Magda’s Boudoir shoot


Please tell us how you felt before the photo shoot (in terms of self confidence, being anxious before the shoot…):

Before the photo shoot I did feel little bit anxious and nervous but after my make up  I felt amazing and ready to do it.

How did you feel about the photographs once you saw them?

When I saw the pictures the only word I said was “Wow”. All the pictures were amazing. I never saw such good photos of me!!!

How were the directions fro the photographer and how comfortable were you once the session was underway?

Everything was amazing – the directions were easy to follow and the photographer made me feel relaxed and pretty!

What would you say to other ladies considering a boudoir shoot but who are rather nervous about doing it?:

Don’t stress – once you are there you will feel great!PJPH0053
PJPH0076 PJPH0083 PJPH0099 PJPH0108 PJPH0116 PJPH0139 PJPH0223 PJPH0240 PJPH0274 PJPH0289 PJPH0336







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